What is OSH literacy®?  

OSH literacy® can be described as: The degree to which individuals have the functional capacity to access, process and utilize the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) information and services needed to eliminate or reduce  risk.

OSH uses a unique system of different shapes, colours, thousands of symbols and specialized terminology to communicate information designed to keep us safe. This communication system constitutes a literacy in its own right.  In this Age-of-Information and the global-workplace, the aquisition of OSH literacy skills is essential to an individual’s long-term health and welbeing, as well as their social and economic mobility. However, for a number of reasons, not everyone has these skills, yet.

OSH literacy is also the name of our small, non-profit social-enterprise. We are a collective of volunteer teachers, trainers, health-care workers and OSH professionals committed to making a tangible reduction in the unacceptably high numbers of deaths, diseases, injuries and losses which occur globally due to poor OSH communications, especially for at-risk groups. We are the world’s only NGO specifically focused on this area. OSH literacy is active on a number of fronts and works closely with other national and international NGOs, OSH, educational and private organisations to achieve our goal to make OSH information and training Accessible to All.   


a worker dies from a work-related accident or disease Every 15 Seconds


workers have a work-related accident Every 15 Seconds

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OSH Literacy.org is the world’s ONLY dedicated OSH organisation specifically focused on raising awareness and best practice in the field of OSH communications and training

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