OSH Projects

'Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach a person to fish [safely] and you feed them for a lifetime.'

OSH literacy has developed, or is currently developing, outreach projects  in Europe, Africa, The Middle-East and  Asia. We work with NGOs, education and training providers,  business partners and other stakeholders to promote best practice in OSH communications and training. 

Basic OSH training and qualifications can greatly increase a person’s long-term health, wellbeing, economic, employment and social mobility prospects.

Free OSH literacy training for at-risk young people in South East Asia:

Training hospitality trainees in South East Asia. These young people have been given vocational training by NGOs. OSH literacy delivers free, internationally certificated training to at-risk groups, NGOs and non-profit educational institutions. To have recognised OSH certificates and training greatly increases employability and mobility prospects. These trainees are holding certificates in First-Aid, Fire-Safety, Workplace Health and Safety and Food Hygiene (see courses).

We have trained teachers and trainers from the voluntary and corporate sector. In addition to the internationally accredited and recognized Train-The-Trainer courses (see ‘Courses’), the one-day OSH literacy Certificate in Effective and Inclusive OSH Communications (see Courses) helps stakeholders to comply with their legal and moral obligations to make OSH communications Accessible-To-All.

Training trainers and teachers working with at-risk young people in S.E. Asia

On-site and classroom-based training for H.R. and safety-officers who work with migrant construction-workers in the Middle-East:

Training volunteers, who work with migrant domestic-workers in the Middle-East:

We have been invited, attended, and presented at, several major international OSH conferences. David Magee has also also written and published numerous articles on OSH literacy for various OSH and industry journals (see publications).


Projects for 2020/21: We are currently working with partners in Africa, Asia, Europe and the U.S., to develop a number of projects. In particular, OSH literacy’s focus will be on COVID-19 and the plight of migrant and seasonal workers. If you have an idea for a collaboration, please contact us.

2019/2020 OSH literacy, ENETOSH, OSH Africa and the CIEH: Many thanks to the UK’s Chartered Institute of Environmental Health for donating 18,000 OSH training and resource books to OSH literacy and special thanks to ENETOSH for facilitating their distribution. The books and resources will go to our partners: OSH Africa. They will be distributed throughout the continent. David Magee will then train trainers and teachers on how to use these valuable resources most effectively.

First-Aid and Effective and Inclusive training for swimming-instructors in Cambodia:

Preventable drowning is a big killer of young people in South East Asia. Several NGOs are developing swimming programmes for at-risk groups.  In Cambodia OSH literacy will train volunteers in Emergency First-Aid and Basic Life-Support so that they can gain international accreditation as swim instructors. We will also train instructors on how to effectively communicate training to different types and levels of learners.

ERASMUS+ BREXIT and beyond:

OSH literacy is registered in Ireland as a fully-compliant NGO. We are also a registered training organisation with the European Commission and ERASMUS+ SALTO-Youth.net. OSH literacy is currently the only institutional member, from Ireland, in ENETOSH (the European Network for Education and Training Occupational Safety & Health). Our organisation is also a registered training-centre for two major international compliance awarding bodies (see ‘courses’).   In addition to our internationally, accredited courses, we have considerable experience and expertise in developing bespoke training programmes. Our highly qualified and experienced trainers can deliver courses at our excellent training facilities or in-house at your place of work or training. We are always interested in contributing our skills, experience and expertise to develop collaborative projects relating to OSH literacy for: schools and colleges, V.E.T, EU mobility, Youth Employment,  Adult Education, Special Educational Needs & Disabilities,  Workplace Basic Skills, Life-long Learning, Social Inclusion and Teacher/Trainer training. If you have a project-proposal or need any advice, please contact