OSH literacy.org is an educational and advocacy non-profit. It is the Irish institutional member on the European Network for Education and Training Occupational Safety & Health (www.enetosh.net) and it is a registered training organisation for numerous OSH courses.  We have worked with a variety of different institutions to ensure accessible safety and health communications for all. As well as several other accolades, OSH literacy was nominated for the 2020 UNESCO World Literacy Prize by the UNESCO office in Ireland (run through the Irish Department of Education).

David Magee: is a state-registered (UK) English language and literacy teacher, with specialisms in English as a Foreign Language (EFL), Workplace Literacy and Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND). He has also had post-graduate training in community education project development.  His teaching career has focused on equipping individuals, especially those most at-risk, with the essential functional skills needed to safely and successfully transition into training, employment and independent living. In 2000 he was given a Millennium Award for developing  cross-community literacy projects in Northern Ireland and in 2003 he joined the UK’s Workplace Basic Skills Unit and also became the UK representative on the International Teachers’ Association. Additionally, he is qualified and experienced in the delivery of a wide-range of  OSH-related and teacher/trainer courses and is assistant head of OSH Africa’s Training and Competency Development Committee.  He  is also a Fellow and Ambassador of the Institute of Hospitality. David is credited as being the first person to identify OSH literacy as a key skill literacy.  He is the founder of OSH literacy.org and has been advocating for OSH literacy to be recognized and taught as an essential life-skill literacy for many years.

Our Volunteers:

Mohammad Kheir Hassan: Is also a fully-qualified, state-registered English teacher  from the Kurdistan region of Syria with a passion for OSH. He holds an M.Sc. in Occupational Safety & Health rom the ILO’s prestigious International Training Centre (ITCILO) in Turin, Italy and is only one of four ILO Master Trainers worldwide – the only Arabic, English and Kurdish speaking Master Trainer.  Mohammad is also a qualified paramedic and medical translator. He is the author of the Arabic Encyclopaedia on Occupational Safety and Health and has decades of experience in teaching and training OSH around the world. He currently resides in the UK and has been a volunteer and supporter of OSH literacy for many years.

Carlo Ferraris: has more than 30 years of experience in training multi-lingual and multi-cultural learners, especially within the hospitality and construction sectors. He is a native English speaker and is also fluent in Italian and Spanish. Carlo says that over his long career in management and training, he has trained people from every country in the world, each one with varying levels of English language, literacy and learning ability. His areas of expertise are in First-Aid, Occupational Safety & Health, Fire Safety, Train-the-Trainer, Human Factors, Customer Service and Communications and Food Hygiene. He currently lives between Italy and Columbia.

Jonathon Owen: is a fully qualified and highly experienced English and OSH teacher and trainer. He holds a B.A (hons) in English and an M.A. in Linguistics as well as many OSH qualifications. Jonathon has worked at the highest level in universities, the British Council and vocational institutions throughout Asia, Turkey and the Middle-East for nearly three decades.  He has held OSH management and teaching positions in several of these academic institutions. Although trained and experienced in the delivery of a wide-range of courses, Jonathon’s specialism is English for OSH Communications (for all levels). He is based in Lincoln, UK.

Samlia ‘Sam’ Packam, RN: is a highly-qualified, experienced and internationally respected expert and consultant in nursing and training. Her areas of expertise are in operating-theatre (O.T.) nursing, staff training, Health literacy and communications, First-Aid, CPR and Emergency Response, Hygiene and Infection Control, Allergies, Food-Hygiene, Manual  Handling and anything related to healthcare. Sam is currently based in Zurich, Switzerland. Prior to that, for more than twenty years she worked as a senior O.T. nurse at several of the Middle-East’s major hospitals . She speaks four languages: English, Arabic, Tagalog (Philippines) and her native Chavacano dialect. She is currently learning German. Sam also holds recognized and accredited certification as an International Trainer. As a migrant, Muslim woman, Sam’s areas of special interest are OSH issues relating to migrant workers, especially female Muslims.

Jorge Machado: Is also a qualified teacher of literacy and languages: English and Portuguese. He acquired his MA in Anglo-American Studies. Jorge has 17 years’ experience in translation, focusing on insurance, international relations and cooperation, and human capital development.  His qualifications, experience and expertise in translating communications relating to OSH has given him a unique insight into these challenges. Jorge has considerable experience working with international NGOs and corporations. He has worked in Portugal, the UK and in several African countries.

Annie Magee:  is our Global Youth Ambassador. She is a student at the prestigious EWHA University in Seoul, South Korea (the largest all female university in the world) where she studies Media with Korean. Annie has represented us at events such as a speaker at the World Literacy Summit at Oxford University (moved online). She has given input and developed lessons to make our message more appealing for young people. Annie has also assisted with administrative tasks: helping with the website,  preparing and editing Power-Point presentations and correspondences as well as other duties relating to running a small, international, educational NGO. She has excellent administration, communication, interpersonal and computer skills and has always shown commitment, sympathy and concern relating to educating young people, especially females, who may be less fortunate than herself.
Although still very young (18), Annie is mature and responsible, yet full of youthful dynamism and great ideas.   Annie has always had a strong interest in social and cultural issues at a local and international level.  Despite her heavy work-load, she has never refused anything we have asked her to do, nor has she accepted any payment we have offered her, insisting instead that the money should go towards training young girls about health and safety.  We cannot thank or recommend this intelligent, dedicated, hardworking and charming young lady and social activist highly enough. We wish Annie all the very best in her future endeavors.
Contact Annie through our email.