Mission Statement

OSH Mission

OSH Literacy.org is committed to making a tangible reduction in the unacceptably high number of workplace deaths, diseases, injuries and losses which result from poor OSH literacy skills.  

We believe in making OSH communications and training ‘accessible to all’ regardless of colour, creed, culture, gender, age, sexual orientation, social background, politics, economic status, physical, educational and/or mental ability.

OSH Literacy.org aims for OSH Literacy to be accorded the parity of importance and recognition given to other key life-skill literacies such as: computer, financial and health literacies and for OSH literacy to be taught in mainstream education.

OSH Literacy.org is a registered not-for-profit organization. Monies raised, through training, fundraising and other means will go to help the organization, and its partners, achieve the aims set-out in the Mission Statement.

OSH Literacy.org complies fully with the Code of Governance for voluntary organizations and is committed to being fully-transparent in all its dealings. We have a zero tolerance policy towards corruption and favouritism.  J. David Magee