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What is OSH literacy™

OSH literacy is an international, non-profit social-enterprise. It is the world’s first and only dedicated organisation specifically raising awareness and best practice with regards to  Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) information and instruction, especially for persons with low levels of language, literacy and learning ability . We are committed to making a tangible reduction in the unacceptably high numbers of deaths, disease, injuries and losses which occur in the global-workplace due to poor communication. It is our aim to have OSH literacy recognised as an important and specialised work and life literacy, for it to be taught in schools and colleges and to make workplace OSH communications  ‘Accessible to All’.


a worker dies from a work-related accident or disease Every 15 Seconds


workers have a work-related accident Every 15 Seconds

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OSH Literacy.org is the world’s ONLY dedicated OSH organisation specifically focused on raising awareness and best practice in the field of OSH communications and training

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